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Photo Exhibition "All Over Afica" @JICA Global Plaza
Photo Exhibition "All Over Afica" @MDR Office
Received a prize for EPSON Photo Contest 'Meat Up Selection' at Printing category
'XIAOQI Store' , 'XIAOQI Restaurant' opened
'YANXUAN Showroom' opened
Received special prize for 'Water Photo Contest'



PrincipalRyukichi Tatsuki

Born 1978 in Tokyo. Grown in Kawagoe city from 10 years old.
After graduation from Kogakuin University, left to London.
Traveled around Europe. Then, joined Rafael Vinory Architects London.
Spent half of twenties in London. 3 years later, left for traveling Europe and Asia. After that, backed to Japan.
Joined Kengo Kuma and Associates. 4 years later, left for traveling up through America continent. After completion of over land trip from Ushuaia to Alaska, continued to travel around Asia.
Returned to Japan. and, joined Kengo Kuma and Associates again. Became Partner in 2013. 4 years later, left for traveling again to Africa. Overland trip from Shanghai to Egypt and overland trip around Africa continent.
Established ‘Design Team。’ for Architectural design in 2018.
Over 5 years and visited 154 countries.


Received Diploma in Architecutre at Kogakuin University

2002 - 2005

Rafael Vinory Architects PC

Mahlar 4 Project. Amsterdam, Netherland (Office Tower, Retail. 32,200m2)

Leicester Performing Arts Center. Leicester City, UK ( Theater. 13,000m2)

2005 - 2009

Kengo Kuma and Associates

Sakenohana. London, UK (Restaurant. 580m2)

Cha Cha Moon. London, UK (Restaurant. 300m2)

Wood Berg. Tokyo. Japan (Residential. 1,400m2)

Sunliton Project South. Beijing. China (Retail. 16,000m2)

HAMBURG Design Port Competition. Hamburg, Germany (Gallery, Residential, Retail, Office. 32,000m2)

2011 - 2015

Kengo Kuma and AssociatesPartner from 2013

Hongkou SOHO. Shanghai. China (Office Tower, Retail, Landscape. 100,000m2)

The One Garden Pavilion. Hshinchu. Taiwan (Pavilion.120m2)

Kinmen VIP Lounge. Kinmen. Taiwan (VIP Lounge,Terrace. 500m2)

Malino Resort. Sulawesi, Indonesia (Hotel, Spa, Cultural, Retail. 60,900m2)

Lijiang Shuyuan Hotel. Lijiang, China (Hotel, Restaurant, Spa, Cultural. 11,300m2)

Tapei Xinyi District Competition. Taipei. Taiwan (Hotel, Office, Retail, Gallery.115,500m2)

Nantou Zen Resort Zen Center. Nantou. Taiwan (Hotel, Cultural,3,600m2)

Nantou Zen Resort Service Apartment. Nantou. Taiwan (Service Apartment.6,200m2)

Huashang 1914 Creative Park. Taipei. Taiwan (Retail, Gallery, Office. 23,100m2)

Kinmen Natural Village. Kinmen. Taiwan (Hotel, Spa, Retail. 27,000m2)

Sixsenses Resort Taitung. Taitung. Taiwan (Hotel, Spa.16,700m2)

Sixsenses Resort Yangsuo. Yangshuo. China (Hotel, Spa.24,000m2)

The Edge Tower. Beirut. Lebanon (Hotel,Residential.18,000m2)

Li Ze Soho Tower Competition. Beijing. China (Office, Retail.134,860m2)

New Taipei City Museum Competition. New Taipei City. Taiwan (Museum. 20,000m2)


Established ‘DESIGN TEAM。’


Wanderers that started 18 years ago are not going to end now.
I have continued photo shooting Landscape, life scenery and people of the land I met on my journey that countes over 5years in total. A meeting in a lifetime, A momentary expression, atmosphere in ceremonies and living scene are captured as travel record. The world is filled with great diversity, its diversity is rapidly lost.
20 yeas ago, 10 years ago, present, after 10 years the appearance, nature and culture of the world wil be very different. Architecture is a part of them. and, it is going to lose its diversity.
there are not much direct imput from travel to architecture design. but, experience through the diversity will connects travel and architecuture design indirectly. Because everything is connected by people's lives.









A record of the journey of the architect who traveled the world for more than 5 years, 154 countries.
'GRAN TURISTA' keeps records of overland trip from Asia to Africa and Africa overland circuit trip.
‘The hometown of mankind’ Africa is still treated like single country for many people, but a continent full of diversity, with more than 1 billion people living. Among the many difficulties and little information, the joy of traveling is a sense of satisfaction that you can not taste in your everyday life.
I would be pleased if I could share these joy and satisfaction with many people.
The journey is always anxiety and curiosity collide with each other, and only when a little curiosity wins can go forward.

China Trip. First trip ouside Japan
Moved to UK
Europe Trip.Several trips to Europe and Scandinavia
Europe, North Africa and Asia Trip. Balkans, East Europe, Turky, North Africa, South East Asia
Moved to Japan
2009 - 2010
Trans America Trip. Travel up through America continent from Ushuaia to Fairbanks.
2010 - 2011
Asia Circuit Trip. South East Asia, South Asia, Iran, Caucasus, Central Asia, Tibet, China, Korea
2015 - 2017
Asia to Africa & Africa Circuit Trip. South East Asia, Overland trip from Shanghai to Egypt. Overland circuit trip whole Africa Continent
Europe Trip. South Europe, Malta and Tunisia